Baader 66


Manufactured in 2007, this Baader 66 machine is in good, working condition. It is specifically designed for delicate herring products and offers manual operation. The machine is equipped with rollers, making it mobile and independent of a permanently installed processing line. With this device, skinning can be done with minimal loss and the silver film is retained.

The Baader 66 is a stand-alone machine that can be easily moved on rollers. The butterfly fillets are manually arranged on the conveyor belts by one or two persons, ensuring a gentle skinning process.

Additionally, upon request, a piece cutter can be provided for this machine, enhancing its versatility and functionality.

The capacity of the machine allows for skinning up to 60 single fillets per minute, providing efficient processing. The power consumption is low, at 0.75 kW, contributing to energy efficiency. Water consumption during operation is also minimal, at 3 liters per minute.

The dimensions of the machine are 2.50 meters in length, 1.04 meters in width, and 1.40 meters in height. It has a net weight of 490 kg and a gross weight of 585 kg.

Overall, the Baader 66 is a reliable and mobile solution for delicate herring products, offering efficient skinning with minimal loss and the preservation of the silver film.