Freezing Equipment

Freezing equipment refers to specialized systems, designed to freeze products efficiently and effectively. It is used to rapidly lower the temperature of food items to sub-zero levels, allowing for long-term preservation and maintaining product quality.
Normar offers a wide range of used freezing equipment from various manufacturers.

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What types of freezing equipment do we sell?


Flow Freezers

Flow freezers, also known as tunnel freezers or continuous freezers, are designed to freeze products in a continuous flow. The products are conveyed through a freezing chamber on a conveyor belt, where they are exposed to cold air or a refrigerant to rapidly freeze them. Flow freezers are commonly used for freezing large quantities of products, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and prepared meals.

Horizontal Plate Freezers

Horizontal plate freezers consist of a series of horizontal plates with refrigerant channels. The product to be frozen is placed in between these plates, and the plates are then cooled to freeze the product. Horizontal plate freezers are widely used for freezing seafood, poultry, and other small-sized products. They are known for their efficiency, compact design, and ability to freeze products in uniform blocks.

Ice Generators

Ice generators are machines designed to produce ice in various forms, such as flakes, cubes, or crushed ice. These machines typically have a refrigeration system that cools water or a refrigerant to form ice. Ice generators find applications in various industries, including food and beverage, hospitality, and healthcare, where ice is needed for cooling, preservation, or presentation purposes.

IQF Freezers

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) freezers are designed to freeze individual food items separately, preventing them from sticking together. This freezing method helps maintain the quality, texture, and taste of the products. IQF freezers use a combination of cold air and specialized airflow patterns to quickly freeze the products while maintaining their individuality. They are commonly used for freezing fruits, vegetables, seafood, and other small food items.

Vertical Plate Freezers

Vertical plate freezers consist of a series of vertical plates that are cooled to freeze the products. The product is loaded into the spaces between the plates, and the plates are then cooled to freeze the product. Vertical plate freezers are commonly used for freezing fish fillets, meat cuts, and other large-sized products. They offer high freezing capacity, easy loading and unloading, and efficient freezing of thick products.


These different types of freezing equipment offer various freezing methods and are suitable for different applications, depending on the specific requirements of the products being frozen.