Frigoscandia MX32 Flow Freezer


Frigoscandia MX32 Flow Freezer

Manufacturing year: 1995
Condition: Good, fully functional

Used Frigoscandia MX32 Flow Freezer with Glazo Freezer. These in good condition flow freezer was used for various products.
Frigoscandia MX 32 Flow Freezer is equipped with ADF (automatic defrost system for a longer continuous blast freeze process, max. 22 hour production), 1 piece galvanized cooler and stainless steel switch box with Siemens PLC.

Specifications of these used freezers:

Refrigerant R717/Ammonia/Freon pump circulation.
Capacity: 1950 kg/h (based on peas as an example)
Input temperature: +15˚C
Output temperature: -18˚C
Power: 42 kW
Voltage: 3 x 380 V – 3 x 460 V 50/60 Hz