Bulk Feeders

Bulk feeders designed for efficiently handling and distributing large quantities of materials, such as fish or seafood, within industrial processing lines. This automated equipment ensures a continuous and uniform flow of raw materials, optimizing production processes in various industries. 

NorMar Trading AS, drawing upon over two and a half decades of experience as a supplier of fish processing machinery and systems, presents a comprehensive selection of bulk feeders designed to meet the distinctive needs of our clients. 

Contact us for detailed information and to discover the ideal bulk feeders tailored to your production needs. 

Choosing the Right Bulk Feeders: What to Consider?

Volume, Solid Material, Construction, and Hygiene Moments:

When selecting a bulk feeder, it’s crucial to focus on key aspects such as volume capacity, the ability to handle solid materials, robust construction, and adherence to hygiene standards. These factors ensure optimal performance and reliability in your processing operations.

When to Opt for a New Bulk Feeder?

Integrating bulk feeders into complex existing systems or when there are specific design requirements signals that opting for a new bulk feeder is a smart choice. Special volume needs or additional functionalities can also justify the investment in a new system.

Advantages of Used Solutions:

Considering used bulk feeders comes with distinct advantages. Short delivery times, cost savings, and not having specific design and capacity requirements make used solutions an efficient and budget-friendly option for certain projects.

How NorMar Can Support Your Bulk Feeder Projects:

NorMar Trading AS offers comprehensive support for your bulk feeder projects. From installation and deinstallation to servicing, repairs, and improvements of existing designs, NorMar ensures a seamless integration of bulk feeders into your existing systems. Trust us to optimize your bulk feeder projects for efficiency and performance.