Service / repair

NorMar Trading adjusts service options to each individual product with the aim that each product should be as good as new after the trade. This way we are able to keep a high standard for our work, while simultaneously meeting our costumers’ and the market’s needs and requirements. The fact that our products have the same standard as new equipment means for us to:

  • Maximise the lifetime of the equipment and the machines
  • Improve production results such as yield and functionality.

It will vary how much how much reparations are needed for each product. Everything that goes through our workshops is thoroughgoingly checked. Afterwards, one, two, or all the parts that need change will be replaced and other necessary reparations will take place. All production equipment and machines will be tested before we approve them for sale and delivery.

NorMar Trading uses only parts that are of the best quality to ensure optimal functionality of your machinery. This way our customers can be assured that our production equipment and machines that have been in out workshops for repair have a high standard.

We also offer reparation of production equipment and machines for our customers.