Vertical Plate Freezer DSI V5 32-100 B


Vertical Plate Freezer DSI V5 32-100 B

Condition: Good, operational

Vertical Plate Freezer DSI V5 32-100 B is in good working condition and offers reliable performance.


32 stations
33 plates
Plate size (L×W): 820 × 600 mm
Each station can accommodate two frozen blocks, with each block measuring (L×W×H): 400 × 600 × 75 mm
Refrigerant: NH3/R22

Dimensions (LxWxH): 4788 x 1346 x 1190 mm
Weight: 2560 kg

Example of freezing for poultry mince block:

Block dimensions: 400 x 600 x 100 mm, 2 blocks per station
Weight of each block: 20.5 kg
Total weight for one load: 1312 kg
Cycle of freezing: 205 min (7 cycles per 24 hours)

Capacity: Approximately 9000 kg per 24 hours
Product temperature on input: +5°C
Product temperature on output: -18°C
Power: 43 kW
Volume of refrigerant R22: 244 liters
Evaporating temperature on plates: -40°C

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