Trio FDS55 Fish Skinning Machine


Made in 2013, Trio FDS55 Fish Skinning Machine, a land-based version, works smoothly with filleting machines like Baader 182, 192, and 212. It can skin up to 300 Pollack fillets per minute at a conveyor speed of about 0.8 meters/second.

Unlike its predecessor, Trio FDS 5N, Trio FDS55 Fish Skinning Machine has an improved knife system that increases yield. Its redesigned structure boosts hygiene, simplifies maintenance, and includes a superior drum bearing system. Operators can pick between electric or hydraulic motors and decide on skin on/off fillet transportation.

It is built on a sturdy 18/8 stainless steel frame, and all parts touching the fish are either stainless steel or plastic for hygiene. The machine moves fillets automatically from filleting units to the FDS 55’s conveyor. Then, as fillets pass under a cooled drum, their skin adheres due to shallow freezing. A knife then separates the fillet from the skin, which gets scraped off the drum. Operators can adjust skinning depth between 0 and 12mm. The machine’s integrated cooling can also connect to a main freezing plant using freon or ammonia.

The FDS approach ensures gentle skinning, perfect for tasks like deep skinning, handling soft fillets, or skinning without splitting tails. Its 330mm wide conveyor, 8.5 kW power, R-507 refrigerant, and 980 kg weight make the FDS 55 a reliable and efficient choice.