Trio FD 1500 Fish Skinning Machine


Made in 2002, the Trio FD 1500 VS freeze drum skinning machine is in great shape and built from durable stainless steel and non-corrosive materials.

Here’s how it works: The machine freezes the fillet skin onto a cold rotating drum. This freezing locks the skin, creating a thin layer about 1/10mm deep. A rotating knife then separates the fillet from the skin, which gets scraped off the drum. Users can adjust the skinning depth between 0-12 mm for precise cuts.

The Trio FD 1500 VS uses an indirect cooling system. The sealed refrigeration unit transfers cooling to the drum through a secondary loop. You can cool the condenser with freshwater, seawater, or air, giving cooling flexibility.

Thanks to FDS technology, this machine expertly skins fillets without damaging the fish meat or skin. Two operators can run the machine, skinning up to 120 fillets per minute on its 300mm wide conveyor.

The machine runs on the R22 refrigerant, consumes 1-2 liters of water per minute, and draws 6.2 kW of power. Weighing 650 kg, it remains steady during operations.