Pisces FR-9000 Fish Filleting Machine


Year of manufacture: 2013

Condition: Excellent, operational

The Pisces FR-9000 MK IV is a highly efficient filleting machine specifically designed for processing salmon, with a focus on wild salmon and trout.

Operating under the control of a programmable PC, the FR-9000 utilizes advanced technology to measure the length of each fish as it enters the machine. This data is used to dynamically adjust the cutting parameters, maximizing fillet yield based on preselected cutting values.

Equipped with three pairs of disc knives, the Pisces FR-9000 MK IV excels at removing the ridge from the fish. These pairs consist of an upper knife, a lower knife, and a knife positioned directly at the level of the ridge, with a width that matches the ridge. This configuration ensures the highest possible fillet yield, minimizing meat left on the ridge. Following the ridge removal, a pair of reciprocating knives precisely cuts the costal bones, resulting in smooth and undamaged fillets.

The machine offers flexibility in choosing different cutting types, such as trimm-C (preserving white skin on the abdomen) or trimm-D (removing the skin). It is also capable of producing fillets with costal bones if required.

Control of the filleting process is facilitated through a user-friendly touchscreen interface, allowing the operator to set the desired cut parameters and store relevant data for future reference.

With a capacity of 25 fish per minute (assuming an average weight of approximately 5 kg), the Pisces FR-9000 MK IV ensures efficient and high-speed processing. It is suitable for a wide range of fish sizes, accommodating weights ranging from 2 to 10 kg.

The machine operates with a water consumption of 18 liters per minute, contributing to efficient resource usage. It requires a power input of 6 kW to enable its reliable performance.

The belt speed is set at 40 m/s, ensuring smooth and continuous operation throughout the filleting process.

Weighing 450 kg, the Pisces FR-9000 MK IV is a robust and reliable filleting machine, delivering exceptional performance and precision in processing salmon and trout.