Marel I-Cut 36 Portioning Machine


Marel I-Cut 36

Condition: Good, working

This machine is specifically designed for portioning whole fish and fillets. The product is placed on the infeed conveyor, which moves at a speed of up to 500 mm per second. As the product passes through the laser scanner, its cross-section area is measured at regular intervals. This information is processed, and the cutting positions are calculated based on your specifications and application characteristics to achieve optimal weight and length of the portions. When each cutting point reaches the knife section, the blade knife rapidly accelerates, cutting through the product at a high speed. The cut product then continues on the outlet conveyor, which can be connected to other processing equipment such as weighing systems, graders, packing machines, IQF-freezers, and more.

The knife arrangement can be angled at either 90 or 45 degrees, allowing you to present your product in a visually larger and more appealing form. Knives are available in various versions to suit the specific product you need to cut.

The machine utilizes a vision sensor system without fast-moving parts, eliminating the need for water during cutting.

Specifications of Marel I-Cut 36:

  • Belt speed: 20-500 mm per second
  • Knife speed: up to 1000 cuts per minute
  • Program memory: up to 84 programs
  • Cutting angles: 45 and 90 degrees
  • Belt width: 300 mm
  • Power: 8 kW
  • Voltage: 3 x 400 V
  • Accuracy: 97-98%
  • Product size: 900 x 300 x 150 mm
  • Machine size (Length x Width x Height): 3250 x 1300 x 1850 mm