Fomaco FGM 48 Needle Injector


Fomaco FGM 48

Year of manufacture: 2009

Condition: Good, working

Fomaco FGM 48 injector features individually activated M3 needle bridge valves, injecting only when the needles are in the product, resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of return brine or marinade. The high-performance centrifugal pump ensures a constant brine pressure, irrespective of the number of needles in the product, guaranteeing uniform brine distribution regardless of product size.

The spindle motors allow the M3 machines to adapt to various product heights, providing greater flexibility to meet your production needs. With the latest development, it is even possible to define the needle head’s movement range from top to bottom, enabling the machine to inject only between two predefined points.

The sectionally-divided, pneumatic stripper feet closely follow the product contours, preventing movement when the needles are retracted. This ensures a uniform needle pattern and prevents double injections or missed injections.

Fomaco FGM 48 brine flow system is designed with needle heads and valves that accurately match the liquid flow rate throughout the system, preventing brine residue from settling at the valve entrances, and so on.

These machines are equipped with an automatic wash program, and components such as the conveyor belt frame and needles can be removed without the need for tools. Additionally, all pipes are fitted with dairy fittings, allowing easy dismantling for inspection purposes.

Fomaco FGM 48 machine are constructed using thoroughly tested, high-quality components designed to withstand demanding and aggressive production environments. Using an M3 injector guarantees a sturdy, durable, high-performance production machine that can be trusted and requires minimal maintenance.

Changing the needle pattern can be done quickly and easily without the use of tools. The M3 injector’s color touch screen is mounted on a swing arm, facilitating easy operation from any angle. Operator training is quick, typically completed within two or three hours, as the user interface can be set to multiple languages and has been logically and intuitively developed. Many functions are fully automatic, including:

  • Automatic machine setting with up to 20 pre-programmed production profiles
  • Optional automatic lubrication
  • Automatic monitoring of brine temperature
  • Automatic control of minimum pump pressure
  • Self-Cleaning FM 80 protein filter
  • Automatic cleaning program