Fomaco FGM 112 DC Needle Injector


Fomaco FGM 112

Year of manufacture: 2012

Condition: Refurbished

Fomaco FGM 112 is a high-performance equipment designed to enhance the quality of meat and fish while increasing the yield rate.

It is specifically suitable for working with bacalao fillets, as it offers extended clearance to accommodate them. The machine is equipped with two bridges, each featuring 112 Quadro needles with a diameter of 2.5 mm.

The capacity of this injector can reach up to 15 tons per hour, depending on the product being processed.

This injector fully complies with all sanitary and safety regulations, ensuring the highest standards are met while significantly reducing production costs.

Additionally, it is equipped with a brine filter and a storage tank for convenient brine handling and storage.