Carnitech CT 2611 Fish Filleting Machine


Condition: Excellent.

Carnitech CT 2611 filleting machine is specifically designed for processing salmon and trout, accommodating fish within the size range of 1.5 to 7 kg.

With a capacity of up to 20 fish per minute (depending on the size of the fish), this machine efficiently handles the gutted and deheaded fish. The fish is loaded into the infeed chute, positioned belly side up, and guided by feeding belts to the cutting section. Here, an automatic sensor ensures precise adjustment of the band knives, allowing for accurate cutting along the central bone. This cutting technique, tailored to each individual fish, maximizes the yield and efficiency of the filleting process.

The innovative design of Carnitech CT 2611 eliminates the need for time-consuming readjustments. By simply adjusting the valve pressure, the machine automatically cuts the desired type of fillet, streamlining the production process.

The open design of the machine facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance. Two access doors at the rear of the machine allow for convenient replacement of band knives and thorough cleaning of all components. Dampers enable easy opening of the cabinet for internal cleaning and maintenance tasks. Moreover, the machine is constructed using stainless steel and FDA-approved materials, ensuring durability, hygiene, and compliance with industry regulations.

This compact filleting machine is well-suited for installation in small production areas. It features an integrated compressor, a dryer system, and an electrical cabinet, simplifying the installation process.

In addition to its reliable performance, this machine boasts low energy and water consumption, aligning with the environmentally conscious processing methods demanded by the fish industry.

Overall, this well-maintained filleting machine offers efficient and sustainable processing of salmon and trout, meeting the high standards of the fish industry while ensuring minimal waste and environmental impact.