Baader IS033 Fish Heading Machine


Baader IS033 Fish Heading Machine

Manufactured years: 2012

Condition: Good, operational

Suitable for processing: Cod and other whitefish with a throat cut

Working range: 1-13 kg

Throughput rate: Up to 30 fish per minute

Operator requirement: 1 person

The fish is loaded into Baader IS033 Fish Heading Machine with the belly facing the operator, head first. The fish’s head is securely held, and the entire fish is smoothly transported to the knife section, where a precise and high-yield head cut is executed. The main body of the fish, still with the collarbone intact, is discharged at the front of the machine. Meanwhile, the fish’s head is directed through a chute to the rear of the machine.

Baader IS 033 can be used together with such machines as Baader 185 and Baader 189