Baader 444 Fish Gutting and Heading Machine


Baader 444 Fish Gutting and Heading Machine

Man. year: 2006
Condition: very good

The machine is designed for de-heading and gutting of cod, saith, haddock, and yellowtail tuna. It also leaves the collarbone on the trunk, which is perfect for processing saltfish.

The heading device can be deactivated when simply gutting the fish. Thanks to its specialized heading technique, it’s possible to process fish without the need for pre-bleeding. However, pre-bled fish, as well as fish with their throats cut, can also be processed.

Utilizing its distinctive revolving technique, the Baader 444 Fish Gutting and Heading Machine is engineered to reduce the workload on the operator. The operator only needs to push the fish into the machine, eliminating unnecessary burden.

Main benefits:

Very precise head cut
Symmetric belly cut
Different types of input products possible (pre-bled, throat cut, round)
Head-on gutting only is also possible
Easy to operate
Speed is continuously adjustable

Staff: 1 person
Working range: 50-90 cm (1-7 kg)
Capacity: 15-32 fish/min
Water consumption: 25 l/min
Power: 5.25 kW
Dimensions: 2000x1500x1500 mm
Weight: 1500 kg