Baader 35 Filleting and Heading Machine


Baader 35 is a fish processing machine designed for filleting and heading fish. It is a part of Baader’s line of fish processing machines, which is known for its advanced technology and efficiency in the seafood industry.

Baader 35 Filleting and Heading Machine is primarily used for processing various types of fish, including but not limited to salmon, cod, haddock, herring, and mackerel. It is commonly employed in fish processing plants and fish markets to streamline the filleting and heading process, significantly reducing manual labor and increasing productivity.

Key features of the Baader 35 may include:

  • Filleting Function: The machine is capable of accurately and efficiently filleting fish, removing the fillets from both sides of the backbone while minimizing waste.
  • Heading Function: In addition to filleting, the Baader 35 can also remove the heads of fish, further automating the fish processing process.
  • High Throughput: The machine is designed to handle a large number of fish per hour, making it suitable for industrial-scale fish processing operations.
  • Precision and Consistency: The Baader 35 utilizes advanced cutting and processing techniques to ensure consistent fillet and head removal, maintaining high-quality standards.
  • Easy Maintenance: Baader machines are typically engineered for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring hygiene standards are met and minimizing downtime.
  • Adaptability: The Baader 35 can be adjusted to handle different fish sizes and species, making it a versatile solution for various fish processing needs.