Baader 166 Fish Gutting and Heading Machine


Baader 166 – compact whitefish heading and gutting machine

This machine follows the same operational procedure as the Baader 162. However, it is specifically designed for smaller whitefish, ranging from 35 cm to 70 cm in total length and weighing between 0.5 kg and 2 kg. By utilizing both the Baader 162 and this smaller machine simultaneously, it becomes possible to process the entire catch after a preliminary grading, as the working ranges of both machines generously overlap.

Capacity: Offers a choice of processing 25, 35, or 40 fish per minute.

Power consumption: 2 kW

Water consumption: Approximately 25 liters per minute

Dimensions: 1.40 meters x 1.20 meters x 1.80 meters

Weight (Net/Gross): 650 kg / 920 kg

Baader 166 can be used together with Baader 185 and Baader 189 filleting machines.