Baader 142 Gutting Machine


Baader 142 gutting machine

Year of manufacture: 1999

Condition: Overhauled

The Baader 142 gutting machine is specifically designed for gutting salmon, sea trout, and coho within a weight range of 2 – 7 kg, whether with the head on or head off. The fish to be processed is manually loaded onto the machine. With the assistance of a powerful tail clip, the fish is gently transported. The machine utilizes electronic measurements and calculations to determine the precise position for making cuts on the fish. It excels at performing accurate mechanical princess cuts. The integrated suction devices and throat cutting tools effectively collect and remove the guts. The throat is separated from the inside of the head while ensuring that the gills remain intact on the fish.

We provide all necessary units for operating the Baader 142, including the vacuum pump, cyclone, and inspection belts.

Capacity: Able to process 16 fish per minute.

Water consumption: Approximately 10 liters per minute.

Power consumption: 4 kW.

Weight (net/gross): 2935/3265 kg.

Baader 142 can be combined together with other fish processing machines like Marel 12 gates grader, Baader 200 fish filleting machine.