NorMar Trading has a lot of experience and excellent qualifications in overhauling production equipment. At our workshops in Myre and Murmansk all types of machines are restored. We rebuild the machines completely and change out the parts that are faulty. When we are finished with the process, the machine is of the same quality as a brand-new machine Products which have been restored at our workshops are sold at a favourable price and have the same lifetime as new machines.

After the machine has been delivered to its new owner, we make different agreements regarding support, service, parts and warranty for our customers.


After selling the production equipment and machines we want to be as supportive for our customers as possible and therefore offer service after the trade.

Service and repairments

NorMar Trading adjusts service options to each individual product with the aim that each product should be as good as new after the trade.


Product warranty depends on the product and is calculated from the product is delivered to the customer. Details will be agreed with the seller for each individual product.