Carnitech CT2630 Fish Filleting Machine


Carnitech CT2630 Fish filleting machine for salmon and trout.

Year of manufacture: 2013

Condition: Excellent, operational

This efficient filleting machine is designed to process salmon and trout weighing approximately 2 to 7 kg. It has a remarkable throughput rate of up to 20 fish per minute (depending on the size of the fish).

Carnitech CT2630 shares similarities with the CT2611 model, but its distinguishing feature is the combination of band and circular knives. This unique combination allows the CT2630 to handle fillets with utmost care. The band knives automatically adjust to the size and shape of each fish, while the circular knives ensure a precise cut as close to the backbone as possible. Therefore the result is a clean cut with maximum yield.

One of the key advantages of Carnitech CT2630 fish filleting machine is the elimination of time-consuming readjustments. And with a simple adjustment of the valve pressure, the machine automatically cuts the desired type of fillet, streamlining the production process.

The open design of the filleting machine significantly simplifies cleaning procedures. Two access doors located at the rear of the machine facilitate easy replacement of band knives and efficient cleaning of all components.

Dampers are incorporated into the design, enabling effortless opening of the cabinet for interior cleaning and maintenance tasks. Moreover, all parts of the machine are constructed using stainless steel and FDA-approved materials, ensuring durability, hygiene, and compliance with industry regulations.

Featuring a compact size, this filleting machine can be easily installed even in small production areas. It is equipped with an integrated compressor, a dryer system, and an electrical cabinet, which facilitates installation.

Notably, Carnitech CT2630 boasts low energy and water consumption and meet the requirements of environmentally sustainable processing methods in the fish industry.
The CT2630 can be seamlessly connected to the automatic de-heading machine CT2620. And enabling automatic infeed from the de-header for enhanced operational efficiency.

Water consumption: 10 liters per minute