Baader 581 Filleting Machine


The Baader 581 Salmon Filleting Machine stands as a pinnacle of innovation in the world of fish processing. Meticulously designed for optimal performance and precision, this machine caters to the filleting needs of salmon and large fish. Acknowledging the influence of various factors on fish quality, the Baader 581 adapts seamlessly to deliver exceptional results.

Year of manufacturing – 2010 

Condition – Machine delivers fully overhauled, serviced and ready to run.

Technical Specifications:

  • Noise Management: Adhering to DIN EN ISO 11201 standards for noise measurement.
  • Fish Species/Size Range:
    • Salmon: 2 – 7 kg (gutted, head on)
    • Salmon Trout: 1.8 – 5 kg (gutted, head on)
  • Processing State: Headed and gutted.
  • Machine Performance:
    • Filleting Speed: Impressive 16 fish/min (potential for higher speeds with skilled operators).
  • Power Consumption: Operating at an efficient rate of approximately 6 kW.


  1. Water:
    • Connection: Hose nozzle for an inner hose diameter of 19 mm.
    • Pressure: Maintained between a minimum of 2.5 bar and a maximum of 4 bar.
    • Temperature: Ideally kept between 5 – 10 °C.
    • Consumption: Approximately 25 l/min.
    • Quality: Tap water is recommended for optimal performance.
  2. Compressed Air:
    • Connection: Hose nozzle for an inner hose diameter of 13 mm.
    • Pressure: Minimum requirement is 6 bar.
    • Consumption: Operating efficiently at 12 l/min.

The Baader 581 Salmon Filleting Machine exemplifies cutting-edge technology and versatility, ensuring a seamless and efficient filleting process. With its advanced features and adherence to quality standards, the Baader 581 positions itself as a leading solution for demanding fish processing operations.