Baader 52 Fish Skinning Machine


Baader 52  is specifically designed for efficiently removing the skin, along with the fatty layer between the skin and muscular tissue, using an oscillating blade. The thickness of the cut can be adjusted to meet specific requirements. It is suitable for processing various fish species such as salmon, saithe, merluza, Alaska pollack, and more.

With a capacity of skinning 30-150 fillets per minute, Baader 52 offers reliable performance. It can be seamlessly integrated with all Baader whitefish and redfish filleting machines, enhancing overall processing efficiency.

The power consumption of the machine is 2.0 kW, ensuring energy-efficient operation. It requires an electricity supply of 380 V at 50 Hz.

The dimensions of the machine are 2150 x 850 x 1120 mm (length x width x height), providing a compact footprint for ease of installation. The net weight of the machine is approximately 348 kg, with a gross weight of 520 kg.

Can be used with fish filleting machinesportioning machines and other types of fish processing equipment.