Baader 212RB Fish Processing Machine


Baader 212RB Fish Processing Machine

Condition: Good, operational

Baader 212RB is a reliable and efficient filleting machine. It designed specifically for whitefish such as Alaska pollock, cod, hoki, and pink salmon, as well as similar fish species, ranging in size from 35 to 55 cm (350-1500 grams) in total length. This machine offers a comprehensive solution as it combines heading, gutting, filleting, and roe recovery in a single process.

The fish is carefully placed on a conveyor belt, and through advanced electronic detection, the size of each fish is determined. Processing tools, driven by precise stepping motors and controlled by a host computer, are individually adjusted for optimal processing of each fish. The heading unit performs a V-cut, which maximizes meat retention and preserves the integrity of the internal organs, facilitating subsequent roe extraction. Filleting is performed along the entire length of the fish, without the need for a preliminary tail cut. This unique combination of controlled heading and tail-less filleting ensures maximum fillet yield.

Heading section of the Baader 212RB Fish Processing Machine is equipped with specialized units and devices for roe extraction. The roe extraction unit, operated through the standard control panel, is electronically controlled, ensuring gentle handling to preserve the integrity of the roe membrane. The guts and roe are discharged from the machine for further manual selection.

Key Specifications:

  • Capacity: 150 fish per minute
  • Water Consumption: 80-100 liters per minute
  • Power Consumption: 6 kW
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 2 meters
  • Weight (Net/Gross): 2540/2830 kg