Vacuum Pump Busch WN 0125 AV


Vacuum Pump Busch WN 0125 AV

Manufacturer: Busch Vakuumteknik A/S
Condition: overhauled

Dingo Roots pumps are available in different sizes. The identification code shows the type, design standard, size and version pressure or vacuum.

WN 0050 AP / WN 0050 AV
WN = Roots pump Dingo
0050 = Size
A = Design standard
P = Pressure version
V = Vacuum version

Principle of operation
Vacuum Pump Busch WN 0125 AV is a three-lobe Roots pump Dingo, which works according to the proven Roots system. The operation is both simple and effective.
Two rotors with identical profiles rotate in opposite directions within a casing. As they rotate, gas is drawn into the space between each rotor and the casing, where it is trapped, transported, and discharged by the rotation. This action is repeated twice for each revolution of each rotor, and therefore six times for each revolution of the drive shaft. Since there is no mechanical contact between the rotors and the cylinder, no oil lubrication is required in the compression chamber. Moreover, all versions are air-cooled.


The three-lobe Roots pumps Dingo operate without oil and are contact-free.
• no lubrication is needed
• no contamination by lubricants of the gases being transported

Reliable. Sturdy design and a sophisticated manufacturing process. Labyrinth seal between cylinder and gear housing

Economical – due to high volumetric and mechanical efficiency

Application orientated due to vertical gas flow. Pump and motor dimensions can be adjusted for each application. Many accessories are available. It can be used on suction as well as over-pressure duties.

Easy to service – due to modular construction principle and motor according to IEC standard. Maintenance is reduced to gear oil change and lubrication

Standard unit design
Dingo AP (Pressure version)
• Roots compressor on base frame with integrated discharge silencer
• Suction side silencer with integrated air inlet filter
• Motor fixing assembly incl. V-belt drive
• Pressure relief valve
• Pressure gauge
• Flexible discharge connection Dingo AV (Vacuum version)
• Roots pump on base frame with integrated discharge silencer
• Suction side silencer
• Motor fixing assembly incl. V-belt drive
• Vacuum relief valve
• Vacuum gauge
• Flexible inlet and discharge connections

Technical data
Nominal displacement m3/min: 6,8 – 19,4
Max. diff. pressure, vacuum version hPa (mbar): 500
Max diff. pressure, pressure version hPa (mbar): 600
Nominal motor rating kW: 2,2 – 30,0
Nominal pump speed min-1: 1000 – 2600
Sealing type: Labyrinth
Weight without motor kg: 297
Weight, Roots stage: 155