Unifood V1558 Fish Skinning Machine


Unifood V1558 has a capacity of up to 50 fillets per minute, making it efficient for processing. It has a versatile working range, accommodating fillets with lengths ranging from 250 to 650 mm. The working width of the machine is 488 mm, providing ample space for fillet processing.

The height of the infeed belt is set at 850 mm, ensuring convenient loading of the fillets. The infeed belt operates at a speed of 17 m/min, facilitating a steady flow of fillets through the machine. The outfeed belt is positioned at a height of 731 mm, allowing for easy collection of processed fillets. The speed of the outfeed belt is higher, operating at 35 m/min, which aids in the efficient removal of fillets from the machine.

Water consumption of Unifood V1558 during operation is approximately 11 liters per minute, contributing to the cleaning and processing process. The power connection required for the machine is 3 x 400 V + PE, operating at a frequency of 50 Hz. The power consumption of the machine is 1.2 kW, ensuring energy-efficient operation. The noise level during operation is around 65 dB (A), providing a relatively quiet working environment.