Teltek C60 with metal detector


Teltek C60 with metal detector

The setup comprises a CEIA metal detector and a Teltek checkweigher.

It is designed to identify metal fragments within products and can be easily integrated into a production line. The equipment is constructed using stainless steel and meets all hygiene standards.

The dimensions of the infeed zone are 350 × 175 mm (with an effective zone of 350 x 150 mm).

The Teltek checkweigher model is C60.

It has a weighing capacity ranging from 15 to 2500 grams or 15 to 6000 grams.

The accuracy is as low as 0.2 grams.

The maximum speed is 300 packs per minute, depending on the size of the packs.

The system includes two arms for rejecting items.