Strapping Machine Band-A-Matic F117s


Strapping Machine Band-A-Matic F117s.

Strapping Machine Band-A-Matic F117s is user-friendly and easy to maintain, featuring a quick cycle time of only 1.6 seconds. It is constructed with durable stainless steel, so it is designed for longevity and reliability. The machine operates with low voltage for controls and the heater, enhancing safety and energy efficiency.

Equipped with a display featuring self-diagnostic capabilities and adjustable settings, the F117s ensures precise and efficient strapping. It includes a self-adjusting super alloy cutter and an energy-efficient motor that cuts off after 16 seconds of idle time. The machine automatically stops when the strap runs out, preventing waste and downtime.

Strapping Machine has an extended microprocessor control for efficient management of the conveyor system. Photocells ensure accurate strap positioning, and users can choose between 1, 2, or 3 straps per box. Additionally, the geared conveyor motor is located inside the cabinet, protecting it from external damage and ensuring smooth operation.

  • Power supply: 3-phase 220/380/400 V, 50Hz/60Hz.
  • Power consumption: 950 W.
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 1470x1200x1335 mm.
  • Conveyor belt width: 670 mm to 730 mm.

Arch measurements:

  • Width: 500 mm.
  • Height: 400 mm.

Box measurements:

  • Width: 150 mm (minimum) to 500 mm (maximum).
  • Height: 70 mm (minimum) to 400 mm (maximum).