Sepamatic 1400 Bone Separator


Sepamatic 1400 Bone Separator

Manufactured in 2009, this SEPAmatic 1400 machine is in excellent condition and is designed for efficient and careful processing of various products. Raw material is fed between a highly elastic crushing belt and a rotating perforated drum made of stainless steel. The pressing and separating process gradually separates the soft parts from the solid parts. The solid parts, such as skin, bones, splinters, or sinews, remain on the exterior of the drum. While the soft parts, like fish stuffing or meat, are pressed through the perforations and collected inside the drum.

Sepamatic 1400 Bone Separator offers versatility as it can be used for both manual feeding and as a high-duty industrial machine. It features oversized inlet cross sections, allowing for fast manual feeding without the need for precutting. Additionally, the basic version of the SEPAmatic 1400 is equipped with control devices for fully automatic operation and can be integrated with various conveying techniques.

This machine is designed for user convenience, with a foolproof pressing system for easy adjustment. It can accommodate both wear-resistant PU crushing belts for tough applications and low-priced neoprene crushing belts for softer separation requirements.

With a maximum capacity of 2500 kg/h, the processing rate depends on the raw material and the perforated drum used. Machine is equipped with a new 3 mm drum, has a power of 6.5 kW, and requires an air pressure of 6 bar. Its dimensions are 2200 x 1500 x 1500 mm, and it weighs approximately 1400 kg.