Marel MS 2730 Fish Filleting Machine


Marel MS 2730 Fish Filleting Machine

Year of manufacture: 2012

Condition: Excellent, operational

The Marel MS 2730 is an advanced filleting machine specifically designed for salmon species. It incorporates cutting-edge technology, offering electrical adjustment of all settings to streamline the processing workflow. This machine is highly automated, delivering exceptional results in both fillet yield and throughput.

With an impressive average capacity of up to 25 fillets per minute, the Marel MS 2730 is optimized to handle salmon weighing between 1.5 and 8 kg, ensuring efficient processing across a range of fish sizes.

Thanks to modern technology, this machine boasts optimized water consumption, requiring only about 15 liters per minute. This not only contributes to resource conservation but also reduces operational costs.

Equipped with a robust power of 3.3 kW, the Marel MS 2730 operates reliably and efficiently. Its voltage specification is 3 x 400 V, providing the necessary electrical power for consistent performance.

In terms of dimensions, the machine measures 3150 mm in length, 1035 mm in width, and 1980 mm in height. This compact design enables easy integration into existing production setups while maximizing space utilization.

The Marel MS 2730 offers a reliable and productive solution for salmon filleting, combining cutting-edge technology, high throughput, and optimized resource consumption to meet the demands of modern fish processing operations.