Marel I-Cut 11 Portioning Machine


Year of manufacture: 2015

Condition: Like new

The I-Cut 11 PortionCutter is a highly efficient solution for precise portioning of salmon and whitefish into fixed-weight and fixed-length portions. It is equipped with advanced software that ensures optimal return on investment. With its powerful computer and advanced laser vision system, the I-Cut 11 PortionCutter offers unparalleled accuracy and minimal giveaway. The user-friendly touchscreen interface of the new generation simplifies daily operation and programming. The machine has been designed for easy and thorough cleaning, adhering to food safety regulations. Its compact design allows for easy installation in small plant layouts.

The I-Cut 11 PortionCutter is an ideal choice for smaller companies that do not require complex cutting patterns. It provides standard cutting patterns and operates at a 90° angle. With the smallest footprint on the market, it offers versatility and efficiency.

Product dimensions: Maximum (Length x Width x Height): 650 x 250 x 100 mm

Machine dimensions: Length x Width x Height: 2700 x 1000 x 1650 mm