Marel Dual Lane Grader


Marel Dual Lane Grader

This grader is more than just a typical weight-sorting machine – it also offers an additional quality-sorting option.
It can be programmed for five different quality grades, which can be set by an operator before the weighing stage.

This Marel Dual Lane Grader has 12 gates – 8 on one side and 4 on another.
Products that do not pass through any gate proceed straight forward.
Moreover, a side with 8 gates can be equipped with two additional trays for the grading-by-weight option.
So, in total, this grader can be configured for up to 21 separate outputs.

Key Specifications:

Production year: 2011
Belt type: Intralox S1600 FT PE
Belt size: 356 mm x 18200 mm.

Electrical: 3 x 230 Vac, 0.37kW
Nominal belt speed: 1.5 m/s at 60Hz
Speed is variable, Lenze speed controller.

Height of belt over the floor: 1325 mm
Overall run length: 9200 mm
Run width: 356 mm.

Capacity: 112 pieces per minute
Max length of individual pieces: 500 mm
Weighing indicator: max 10kg, min 0.2kg, e = 10g