Marel Compact Grader Fish Grading and Sorting Machine


Marel Compact Grader

Supply condition: Overhauled

Marel Compact Grader is crafted to meet the demands of both smaller operators and larger enterprises needing additional capacity to manage temporary or seasonal surges. The grader includes an infeed section, dynamic weighing, and discharge, with optional grading and batching processes for both catch-weight and fixed-weight batching.

This system comes with plug-and-play software, enabling processors to immediately utilize their Compact Grader by setting up multiple programs and overseeing the entire process. The user-friendly graphical interface on the M2400 display can manage over 50 grading programs. Additionally, connectivity to Innova Food Processing Software provides continuous data collection, real-time monitoring, detailed reporting, and complete traceability throughout the process.

Designed to meet the highest food hygiene standards, the Marel Compact Grader ensures easy and effective cleaning with smooth, rounded edges that reduce food entrapment areas. It’s built to withstand high-pressure washdowns typical in food processing environments. The Compact Grader is engineered to maximize operational efficiency and equipment uptime:

  • Simple installation – “plug and play”
  • Gentle product handling
  • M2400 easy-to-operate indicator
  • Available with various accessories
  • Integrates with Marel’s production software Innova
  • The Compact Grader is available in the following versions:

  • CG450 2×3 and 2×4 gates
  • CG600 2×3 and 2×4 gates
  • CG900 2×3 gates
  • Specifications CG450/CG600/CG900:
    Gates 2×3 or 2×4 2×3 or 2×4 2×3
    Max product length 250mm / 10” 400mm / 16” 700mm / 28”
    Max product width 250mm / 10” 250mm / 10” 250mm / 10”
    Weight range 40-1,500 g 40-3,000 g 100-6,000 g
    Max throughout 160 pcs/min 120 pcs/min 80 pcs/min
    Gate division 475 mm / 18.7 in 475 mm / 18.7” 650 mm / 25.6”
    Throughput: 80 pieces per minute
    Item mass: 40-3000 grams
    Item length: 700 millimeters
    Item width: 250 millimeters
    Machine size (Length x Height): 3733 x 1250 millimeters
    Mass: 200 kilograms
    Conveyor width: 305 millimeters
    Quantity of entrances: 6