Fomaco FGM 88F Needle Injector


Year of manufacture: 2004

Fomaco FGM 88F Needle Injector is utilized for injecting fish with salt and phosphate solutions or marinades. It is designed for continuous operation, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing productivity. By utilizing this injector for phosphate injection, it ensures a more even distribution of the solution, resulting in higher product quality with minimal phosphate usage.

It features two injection bridges, each equipped with 88 needle nests, totaling 704 quarter needles.

Conveyor width: 750 mm

If a change in the injection pattern is required, it can be easily done directly from the touch screen. The color touch screen is mounted on a swing arm for convenient operation from any angle.

Fomaco FGM 88F Needle Injector is equipped with a protein filter FM 80 and a brine recirculation tank with a drum filter.

Additionally, it can be optionally equipped with the Fomaco FBNM 2000 brine mixer.