Fomaco 20/64 F Needle Injector


Condition: Overhauled

Fomaco 20/64 F is specifically designed for injecting a salt and phosphate solution or marinade into fish or chicken. The injector reduces the need for manual labor and increases productivity. By using this injector, the brine is distributed more evenly with a lower consumption of phosphate. It is suitable for continuous operation.

Capacity: 250-300 kilograms per hour

Needle carrier speed: 15-65 injections per minute

Maximum rising height: 100 millimeters

Maximum product height: 70 millimeters

Transporter belt movement in one cycle: 30 millimeters

Transporter: made of high-quality steel

The start and end of the injection process can be adjusted based on the product’s height.

Voltage: 220 volts, 50 Hz

Power: 1.1 kilowatts

Dimensions: 1300 x 600 x 1730 millimeters (working height: 900 mm +/- 50 mm)