Baader 988 Fish Trimming Machine


Introducing the BAADER 988 Trimming Machine—a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the labor-intensive task of manual fillet trimming. Skilled operators at the trimming table invest significant effort and precision, yet results can vary greatly from one operator to another, fluctuating day by day in terms of yield and accuracy.

The BAADER 988 steps in as a game-changer, automating the trimming process to a remarkable extent and significantly minimizing the manual labor required. What sets it apart is the consistent delivery of a superior standard of cutting quality, precisely aligned with predetermined specifications.

Crafted with a focus on a variety of salmonids, the BAADER 988 is truly an automation marvel, drastically reducing the manual intervention needed for trimming while ensuring a consistently high level of trimming quality. Utilizing an advanced yield-saving process, it meticulously evaluates each fillet based on critical parameters like size, volume, color grade, and trim category.

Following this meticulous evaluation, the BAADER 988 calculates the optimal cutting pattern, utilizing the evaluated parameters. Moreover, the grading information or signal derived from this evaluation guides efficient sorting into distinct processes, allowing for sorting based on color or size. Additionally, this grading information empowers decision-making on whether to trim each fillet or not.

Beyond trimming, the BAADER 988 empowers processors to craft specific trims meticulously sourced from the belly, back, and surface of the fillets. This level of customization maximizes production value, yield, throughput, and overall quality. Operating at remarkable speed, processing up to an impressive 50 fillets per minute, this machine epitomizes efficiency and precision.

Key Features:

  • Trimming on demand
  • Easy adjustment to market requirements
  • Highly precise trimming

Target Fish Species:

  • Salmon
  • Sea trout
  • Wild salmon

Working Range (Approx.):

  • Fillet length: 300–750 mm
  • Fillet width: max. 250 mm


  • Up to 50 fillets/min (25 fillets each lane), dependent on fillet size