Baader 605 2004 bone separator


Baader 605 is in excellent condition, making it an ideal machine for processing and separating various types of poultry, meat, vegetables, and fish products. It comes with two drums, one with a 1.3mm and another with a 3mm hole size, allowing it to handle a wide range of products.

One unique feature of Baader 605 is the ‘pusher system,’ which helps move products smoothly into the machine, preventing any blockages that could interrupt production. Additionally, a sensor is installed to pause the machine when there is no product being fed to it.

This specific machine has been used very sparingly, almost like new. You can see its condition in the photo album. It comes with two drums in excellent condition, a trolley for drum replacement and cleaning, knives to clean the drum during production, three pressure belts (one new and two in usable condition), a meat scraper in the drum for removing processed products, and manuals for reference.