Baader 603 Bone Separator


Condition: Overhauled

Baader 603 Bone Separator is a highly efficient separator designed for the separation of raw meat material from waste components, including cartilage, veins, skin, and bones. This versatile machine can delicately process various types of raw products such as fillets with or without skin, pin bone strips, and trimmings, as well as whole main bones and collar bones.

This machine is out for its improved construction, enhanced productivity, and reliability. It incorporates the latest advancements in separator technology, ensuring superior performance and excellent results.

The machine features a flexible squeezing belt that transports the product to a perforated drum. Within the drum, the fish meat is gently squeezed through the perforations. Meantime, the harder particles such as bones, fins, and skin are effectively separated and remain outside of the drum. The texture of the final product is determined by the raw product and the hole diameter of the drum.

Baader 603 Bone Separator combines the advantages of other separators in the new generation, with a focus on product quality, repairability, durability, and high hygiene standards. It also utilizes innovative technical solutions and high-quality materials to deliver optimal performance.

Capacity: Capable of processing up to 2200 kg per hour.

Power consumption: 4 kW.

Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1800 x 1080 x 1170 mm.

Weight (net/gross): 590 kg / 790 kg.