Baader 600 Bone Separator


Baader 600

Manufactured year: 2006

Condition: Good, working

The Baader 600, also known as the Bone Separator, is designed to provide a gentle separation of raw meat material from waste components such as bones and skin.

The machine utilizes a flexible squeezing belt to transport the product to a perforated drum. The belt gently squeezes the softer particles like meat and fat through the holes, while the harder particles such as bones, sinews, and cartilage remain outside of the drum.

Capacity: Can process up to 400 kg per hour.

The throughput may vary depending on factors such as drum hole size, product type, pre-treatment, and selected pressure.

The Baader 600 is a user-friendly machine that is easy and quick to clean. It is built in accordance with globally recognized sanitary standards. The pressure system ensures gentle product processing and reduces machine wear. Additionally, the machine is equipped with castors for easy handling.

Staff: Requires only 1 person for operation.

Electricity: 400 V – 3 – 50 Hz.