Baader 51 Fish Skinning Machine


Baader 51 Fish Skinning Machine skins fillets from white fish and redfish with precision. Instead of starting with a tail end cut, it begins at the skin’s start, ensuring more skinned fillet yield.

Its feed belt, boasting a 380 mm usable width, lets you place fillets side by side or as you prefer.

The machine can skin between 50 and 160 fillets per minute, with actual numbers depending on fillet size and operator skill.

Running on 1.5 kW, Baader 51 Fish Skinning Machine is efficient, using 15 liters of water per minute. It measures 1980 x 780 x 1130 mm (LxWxH) and weighs in at 530 kg.

Can be used with fish filleting machines, portioning machines and other types of fish processing equipment.